Online Data Collection + Survey Analytics
A Better Marketing Research Solution.
Why you need an online survey tool...
  • Voice-of-customer intelligence
  • Engagement breeds loyalty
  • Being wrong is expensive
Why you need Newlio...
  • Intuitive survey creation platform
  • Fully customizable and branded surveys
  • Unparalleled dynamic user experience
  • Proprietary revenue generating application
  • Real time, actionable analytics
  • FREE account with enhanced features
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Like these organizations, you can do more
than just create online surveys...
“Newlio is more than a survey tool – it’s the best online research platform that we’ve used. Newlio really drives engagement – our audience members spend more than 7 minutes answering our survey questions. Plus, Newlio’s
In-Survey Decision® tool delivers immediate traffic and new sales as a direct result of our surveys.”
- VP Brand Strategy, BBC Worldwide
With Newlio, it's simple and fast to create custom questions. Plus the proprietary In-Survey Purchase® application can make your market research self-funding. And real-time analytics deliver immediately actionable insights. Actually, Newlio's FREE account provides more features, enhancements and customization than any other online survey platform.
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User Experience
More than just a survey, Newlio is an unparalleled dynamic user experience. Participants on average engage for almost 7 minutes and respond to over 20 questions. Additionally, you may present an opportunity to make a purchase or select an exclusive offer. Nearly 30% will purchase and 6 of 10 will choose a promotion, driving online or in-store traffic and generating incremental revenue.
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Professional Services
At Newlio, insights reveal opportunity. And it's our job to empower you with breakthrough intelligence and understanding. As storytellers, we have a passion for scribing an engaging narrative that prompts results. Whether you need our expertise or are simply time-constrained, you'll find us knowledgeable, eager and ready. Backed by Newlio's Actionability Guarantee.
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