Better Data. Better Decisions.
The perfect blend of technology and strategic thinking
to reach, engage and learn from those who matter most,
your customers, target prospects, constituents, donors, employees, guests, students, stakeholders.
It's fast, simple, and immediately actionable.
Developed For Decision Makers

No marketer today is asking for more data. Rather the overwhelming request is for superior insights - fresh, timely, reliable and immediately actionable. The Newlio survey experience inspires deep, prolific engagement. Proprietary technology is utilized to identify those who matter most to the success of your organization. Data visualizations bring purpose to the results. Here’s why we can confidently say Newlio generates better data...

The Right Audience

The Newlio experience focuses on strengthening relationships with those who you care about most. Transform your research into collaboration. It’s simple, fast and affordable.

More & Deeper Engagement

More than just an online survey, Newlio is an unparalleled dynamic user experience. Participants on average engage for almost 7 minutes and respond to over 20 questions.

Real-Time Perspective

The world moves fast. You need results faster. We provide immediate access to real-time reporting tools, comprehensive data tables and our proprietary Segmentation Analysis.

Visualized Reports

Data is only actionable if action is taken. To combat data neutrality, we deliver data-driven narratives and media-ready visualizations. As we said, it’s not big data... it’s better data.


A Newlio Project

Remain keenly focused on what you know. And let Newlio's team of experts do the heavy lifting. First, we'll take the time to understand your objectives, then blend dedicated research with collective intel to craft questions that are fun to answer and generate the actionable intelligence you covet.

Next, we will create a dynamic survey experience - incorporating the most effective strategies for engaging those who matter most - and manage your project from start to finish. Last, welll analyze the results and equip you with unparalleled reporting tools and comprehensive data tables... including data-driven narratives, media-ready infographics and data visualizations crafted by Newlio's data savants and designers.